USA Border Crossing & eAPIS

Multimedia: Procedures for Crossing the US Border by Plane (including eAPIS)


The 15 minute video below outlines the procedures for Crossing the US Border, and back to Canada, by General Aviation aircraft.  Includes:

  • eAPIS Rules and Procedures for entering the USA and re-entering Canada
  • USA Planning Procedures and Practices
  • Rules and Procedures for the CBP (Customs and Border Protections) Folks
  • Introduction to the Golden Ears Cross-Border Checklist
Click on the Image Above to Play Video

This video was produced specifically for the Golden Ears Flying Club, but will be useful to anyone who wants to do some cross-border flying.

Please note: This video focuses on border-crossing.  For a more in-debt look at Flying in the USA, I recommend you check out the Presentation: Flying in the USA or check out this eBook on Amazon: Canadian Pilot’s Guide to Flying in the USA


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