The Tent, The Plane, & The Dog

Presentation: A grand aeroplane adventure through Washington and Oregon.

This blog describes one of many free live presentations that are put on by David and Janine.  If you have a group that is interested in this presentation, please Contact Us.

We found Sand Dunes on the beach and encountered wild coyotes on the coast.  We waded in the Skagit river and woke up on a clear morning surrounded by hot-air balloons. We almost slept in a DC4 owned by a Hollywood producer and we almost violated area P51.


It was a 10 day trip in a Cessna 172 exploring 17 unique airports in Washington and Oregon state. Sometimes we camped.  Sometimes we stayed at a hotel.  Along the way we found some great walks, lots of unforgettable scenery, and discovered some exotic aviation history.


This presentation will show some great pictures, give the low-down on some of these priceless out-of-the way airports, and explain the ins and outs of organizing your own flying adventure.

It doesn’t matter if you have 1 day or 20 days – there are unforgettable flying adventures to be had.  Come and be inspired.


Janine and I put on these presentations at no charge.  If your club or group would like to have this presentation, please contact me to make arrangements.


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