Tales from the Tower

Presentation: Humorous stories from the control tower, area control center, and cockpit over the last 35 years.


This blog describes one of many free live presentations that are put on by David and Janine.  If you have a group that is interested in this presentation, please Contact Us.

Learn about the Purple Chicken of Boundary Bay Tower.

Find out how David accidentally highjacked a Boeing 767 while working at Vancouver Tower.

Discover how “Mr Naked-in-Vegas” was born during the 99ners annual conference in Bozeman Montana.

Uncover the two classic Rod Machado jokes that are actually based on events at Pitt Meadows at Abbotsford.

About 35 years ago, despite getting lost on his second solo (in the pattern at CYPK), David Black became a pilot. A few years after that, he went off to the Transport Canada Training Institute (TCTI – pronounced Tick-Tee) in Cornwall Ontario to become an Air Traffic Controller. Then, five years further along, David started the Air Time Canada Youth Aviation program – and has introduced almost 2000 people to aviation through their first flights. During all these years, David has amassed a few interesting and a few very funny stories about aviation, air traffic control, and trying to teach flying to teen-aged boys.

Janine and I put on these presentations at no charge.  If your club or group would like to have this presentation, please contact me to make arrangements.


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