Single-Pilot CRM : The Fixation Trap

Presentation: Managing a Crew-of-One – The Fixation Trap

This blog describes one of many free live presentations that are put on by David and Janine.  If you have a group that is interested in this presentation, please Contact Us.

United Airlines Flight 173 (1981)

Back in 1981 United Airlines introduced the idea of Crew-Resource-Management as the first step in going beyond stick-and-rudder skills in training safer pilots.  CRM has come a long way since those early days and is often cited as the single-most important contributing factor in today’s great airline safety record.

The principals of CRM are focused around managing the interactions in a multi-crew environment.  But how about a single-pilot scenario?  This case is often referred to as SRM (Single-Pilot Resource Management) – and focuses on human factors more appropriate to the single-pilot case: less about how we interact with other pilots, and more about how we interact with ourselves.

This presentation introduces the concept of CRM & SRM, then explores a one particular SRM Human Factors issue, the Fixation Trap, in more detail.  Most pilots find the presentation enlightening and entertaining.

Janine and I put on these presentations at no charge.  If your club or group would like to have this presentation, please contact me to make arrangements.


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