Flying to Victoria International


Multimedia: Tutorial Video Series – Flying to/from Victoria International Airport


coat_of_armsEverything you need to know to fly to/from Victoria International Airport.  Explained with animations, diagrams, and a follow-along of an actual flight to and from Victoria.  Includes details regarding transit of Victoria-Terminal airspace crossing the water from the lower mainland and examples of phraseology, what to expect from Terminal and Tower controls, how VFR Clearance-Delivery works, and much more.

The tutorial is current as of April 2017.

  • Video: Introduction – How to use the tutorial and what will be covered
  • Video: Overview of the Victoria Arrivals Procedures
  • Handout: Arrival Routes Knee-Board Reference
  • Video: The Arrival Procedure in Detail
  • Video: Things to do at YYJ and around Victoria
  • Handout: Airport Bus Routes and Reference
  • Video: Transponder Procedures and Clearance Delivery
  • Video: The Departure Procedure in Detail
  • Handout: Departure Routes Knee-Board Reference

There are 6 videos and 3 handouts.  Click on the link at the end of this page to access the entire tutorial.  It’s completely free and no personal information is required.

Click Here to Access the Tutorial:



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