Flying in the USA

Presentation: The Canadian Pilot’s Guide to Flying in the USA

This blog describes one of many free live presentations that are put on by David and Janine.  If you have a group that is interested in this presentation, please Contact Us.


Not just  the procedures for entering and leaving the United States, but also practical knowledge about the differences between Canadian and US Tower Procedures, Communications, Military Operating Areas, and Flight Services.

  • eAPIS and Customs procedures for entering the United States.
  • The Canadian Customs procedures for getting back to Canada.
  • Differences between Canadian and USA Visual Charts, including
    • How USA Class C and D Control Zones differ from Canada
    • TCA Extensions: Class B and C Airspace
    • A few Important Symbols unique to USA Charts
    • How US Charts depict Airport Data
  • How to interpret and fly within MOAs (Military Operating Areas) which are plentiful in the USA
  • How to be aware of and avoid TFRs
  • VFR Communications Differences (Nuances) between Canada and the USA
  • Towered Airport Procedures in the USA (differences from Canada)
  • How to use the USA Equivalent of the CFS (the Airport Facility Directory or AF/D)
  • How to file a Flight Plan in the USA (many options)
  • How USA Flight Service (FSS) Works and where to find the frequencies and numbers
  • All about Flight Following and Flight Watch – two very useful services in the USA
  • Fun Destinations and Common Routes in the USA
  • US Airport FBOs, Courtesy Cars, Fuel, …
  • Camping Under Wing
Presentation Poster – Contact us if you need one

Janine and I put on these presentations at no charge.  If your club or group would like to have this presentation, please contact me to make arrangements.


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